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Artists and their music is at the heart of everything. However, the influence of idols impact multiple aspects of life — including travel & leisure!In particular, SHINee's long and illustrious career has lead them to travel around the world for their concerts, solos project endeavors, personal interests and much more.Fans over the years become interested in the places that they visit because the members consistently share interesting places. The restaurants, for example, often have great vibes and delicious food.However, fan collected information of these public places that they've visited are dispersed across different sources. Additionally, some information becomes outdated due to location renovations, relocations or even closures.Many fans only get one chance to come to Korea and don’t even know where to look or find it too daunting to even try.This project is a synthesis of my efforts and other fans' research to create a world map for Shinee World to travel.Using #Shineetravels will help prove there is a proven track record that shinee is worth investing in. The boys have been ambassadors before for tourism but imagine if we could help open doors for them and have fun at the same time?Ultimately, this project is done out of love and joy.I dedicate this project back to the fandom and the group, SHINee.I look forward to seeing everyone’s travels! Please hashtag and @ me photos.

Below are the curated, thematic guides written by Shineetravels unless otherwise credited. They will be continued to be refined and edited.

Q: How do I travel around Korea?
A: I personally have more of the perspective of someone living there rather than the tourist point of view. Therefore, here are two great resources made by other fans.
Q: Will you ever share ___?
A: I try to share all recent places in a timely manner however, please contact me if you are curious about a certain place.
Please refer to the posting guidelines though that I follow to make sure that your request.Q: Will you ever move off twitter?
A: Due to the recent lack of reliability in the Twitter platform, I do plan to memorialize and document all information on a stand-alone website with Google Maps and Naver Maps support.


  • No locations will be posted if there is potential for interfering with member's safety or professional capacity to work.

  • Anything that impinges on their daily lives and routine possibly will not be shared.

  • If the location is in a pre-recorded show, locations can be shared immediately.

  • If it s a public sighting, I wait 24 hours + unless the sighting clearly states the member is no longer in the area.

  • If the member is on a public health hiatus, public sightings will not be posted until they have resumed activities publicly with the company.

  • If the location is an outside of Korea schedule/sighting, I wait until it is clear that they are not in the foreign country.

  • If the location is disclosed on bubble, I will post when there's no chance of them being there.

  • If the location is from a SNS post, these places are often belatedly posted so these spots are shared as I find them.

  • All information found and shared is obtained from personal knowledge, other fan knowledge and diligent research of public information.


For questions, you may contact me via DM or email me at [email protected].